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Indie Breakdown @ PlayExpo2014

A huge part of Play Expo is about Indie developers showing their games, and whilst I was there I managed to chat with some awesome up and coming developers.  I played some great games whilst at Play Expo this year, and I thought I would share the best of the bunch with Geek Pride.

Chompy Chomp Chomp

DSC_2712    DSC_2710

Whilst getting lost at the Health and Beauty Expo I bumped into Sarah, one of the two developers (the other being her Husband Woody) of Chompy Chomp Chomp.  After finding our way back to the real world of games, I thought I would go and check it out.

This multiplayer eat `em up is based around different styles of playing maze, where you chase each others Chomps around.  Collecting various power ups, your mission is to eat your target, which is dictated by a coloured circle underneath your Chompy.  Its a fast, fluid, frenzied gaming environment that will have you coming back for more.

Its a nice, quirky looking game that has come along way from its original form.  Its homegrown, perfectly Indie and well worth a look.  Check it out over at their developers website Utopian World of Sandwiches, or at the dedicated website for Chompy Chomp Chomp

DSC_2692    DSC_2694

Imagine being Captain of your own boat, with your own crew, sinking other ships and collecting the gold!  We’ve seen games within a similar vein like this before, but nothing as fast paced and fun as Mutiny!

Mutiny drops you into the game as one of, potentially, sixteen crew!  Whilst floating around on the high sea, enemy ships and their crew will attempt to sink your ship and kill you.  You must work together in order to save your ship and keep your gold.  Grab the Captains hat to become Captain of your great vessel.  Alas the Captains hat grants you the power of teamkilling, rob your teammates of their gold and become to richest pirate, but be warned, kill too many and you grant your crew the right to MUTINY!

Mutiny played like a dream, had good looking graphics, and although the flowing, moving screen was a tad confusing, after a couple of games you got used to it.  Its currently in Kickstarter and well worth a look.  Go check it out at Hidden Armada, and maybe drop some money into their Kickstarter whilst your there.

DSC_2697    DSC_2699

Being a player of Dota 2, I enjoy MOBA’s (Not a League player sadly Geekers).  So when Pav, one of the developers behing Voxelfield, told me its a Cyberpunk inspired MOBA involving Mech’s, he didn’t need to say much more.  The first part shown to be was the ability to destroy EVERYTHING, yes really, everything.  You can level buildings, destroy bridges, carve a hole to climb through with your Mech.  The MOBA takes place in the far, dark future, where Corporations fight for supremacy.  You battle through City scapes that you can level, shape and destroy, whilst trying to destroy opposing Mechs.

Voxelfield, like most Indie games, is still in Kickstarter.  It has a long way to go, but I am sure if its up your street, you can check it out and put some cash in their pot.  Check them out at their website.

Tactics Forever

DSC_2719    DSC_2720

From the creator of “Fortresscraft: Evolved” comes an underground game that has been lurking in the background for sometime.  Destined to be released on Steam in Feb 2015, I got a look at Tactics Forever.

You create your ship, depending on level, cash etc.  You work on all aspects, your location of weapons, shields, thrusters, everything.  Once your happy with your ship, you upload it and the ship automatically fights other ships.  You can also give your ship orders, ram the opponents or keep your distance.  You fight for global, or clan based, domination as you earn points and cash to climb the ranks.

Its a great little game, graphically its bright and instense.  It runs smooth, but due to its stage in development, it has a couple of steps to go (Ships chasing each other in circles for example).  Its well worth checking out if your into Science Fiction, Space combat and building/designing ships.  Check it out at the Tactics Forever website here!

Terra Tech


Finally I touch upon Terra Tech, a cute little quirky game that caught our attention on the last day.  It has a great following, but I’ve never played it until Play Expo.

You control automated vehicles that collect resources to improve themselves, and their resource collecting ability.  However there are enemy factions also out there collecting the resources, and every now and then you will have to fight it out.  Kill the enemy vehicles and scavenge the blocks from them to improve your own vehicles.  The games physics engine is pretty slick, creating realistic physics for a futuristic game.  Its a nice looking game, and appeared popular with the Indie crowd at Play Expo.  Its still in Beta phase, and backing grants early access.  Check the game out at their website here, or grab early access on Steam here.


I think if I had to pick one of the above to play, at home, or back on a Kickstarter or funding, it would definately have to be Chompy Chomp Chomp.  Woody and Sarahs dedication to building their game is above and beyond the average Indie developers.  The game is smooth, fun, quick to pick up and addictive.

So thats my Indie round up from Play Expo 2014, I had a blast checking out all these titles, and I will probably go back to all of them at somepoint.

Been a gamer since my Dad and I built our first PC back in the mid-nineties, still a dedicated PC gamer. However in the early noughties I got into Wargaming and, again, never looked back. I keep my hand in both PC gaming and table-top gaming as much as I can.

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