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Intoxicate to Reconquer the Apocalypse with new Afterfall game to be released 24th July

Afterfall Resurrection is to be released on Steam Early Access, with the taster to the first episode being released on 24th July. After a three year wait, Intoxicate Studios has finally released the sequel to its interesting Post-Apocalyptic, survival horror game Afterfall: InSanity. While this new series of instalments will retain the oppressive, psychologically scarring setting of its predecessor, the gameplay will be vastly different, dispensing with its emphasis on survival horror and instead creating a story driven RPG/shooter hybrid. This move towards a full on RPG is a move far closer to the Fallout/STALKER roots of the original game.

Afterfall takes place in a world that’s ruined after a massive man made apocalypse, where the deployment of nuclear arms was merely the first step. The horrors beyond that lead to the majority of the world’s inhabitants being wiped out in an instant, leaving those who were lucky enough to hide in the sanctuary of large cities. Those survivors quickly ran out of resources however and were forced to brave this broken world, filled with dangerous mutants and the residual dangers of the old world. Playing the enigmatic Reaper, the player is driven initially to seek vengeance for the death of his parents. However, past this hunt for vengeance, the faction warfare the Reaper is unwilling to get involved lies something deeper, something he doesn’t want to get involved with, but could possibly redeem humanity itself.


Unlike the original game, Reconquest is to be released in individual episodes, the first of which to be released on Steam’s Early Access for €6.99/ $6.99 (which generally translates on Steam to roughly £5). This currently has about an hour’s worth of content, but will by the end aim to be a four hour experience, with more episodes to be released down the line, although both Intoxicate and the Nicolas Entertainment Group have been tight lipped about precisely how many there will be.

There’s a lot to be excited about here, especially seeing a non-Telltale company make episodic games. The last attempt at an episodic shooter was the Scourge Project games, which eventually abandoned the episodic gimmick for its own sequel Scourge: Outbreak. The use of both Early Access and an episodic gimmick would hopefully create the utopian idea of an episodic game; that gameplay and story chunks will be released at a regular enough pace so that one continuous story can be told. There’s a lot of potential in the format, and if Afterfall Reconquest can provide what they promise, it could be a very unique gem in the saturated Action-RPG/Shooter market.

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