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Lego® Avengers Review – Geek Pride

I’m no stranger when it comes to Lego® video games. I was first in line for the original Lego® Star Wars on the ps2 in 2005. I even sent in a video tape in of me glitch hunting to the OPS2 magazine and got myself on the dvd and a free copy of a game. I have since gone on to fill my steam library with the titles and can safely say I had played the series to death, then came Lego™ Avengers.

At its core it is still the old Lego® we know and love, just with a nice new lick of paint. When I was “exposed” to the character collection window I was gobsmacked. A wall filled to the brim with padlocks each hiding a mystery character just waiting to be played with. As usual there are many ways to tackle the stages once new characters are unlocked further down the line in free play keeping the levels fresh when tackled later on.

lego avengers multiplayer
That Comic Book Feeling

As a big fan of the marvel series I was excited to see the characters re-imagined on the block screen and I wasn’t disappointed. Each of the heroes has their own unique skills enabling then to approach the situation in a variety of ways. For instance when playing with Captain America you are able to deflect incoming attacks but if we were to choose Iron Man we might merely fly over their heads, whereas ‘hulk smash’.

Lego® Avengers relies heavily on a series of puzzles in order to block your progress through the level. The levels themselves are quite short but regardless I found myself constantly stuck with no hints as to how to progress. At one point we found ourselves stuck for nearly 30 minutes because the game wanted us to engage with an object with no hint as to which object or how one might go about interacting with it. This understandably led to some frustration but it did not stop us from having fun.

Watching Nick Fury guzzle down milkshakes whist having a serious conversation with Loki about the invasion of earth was a treat and of course there was the usual nonsense in the background of each shot to keep things entertaining.
If you are a fan of the Lego® game series and The Marvel universe then I would recommend this game for a good laugh, especially if you have seen the Avengers movies, otherwise you might be disappointed in the game.

lego avengers
Fury Enjoying His Shake

My 7 year old nephew is a huge fan of the game and is most likely the intended audience but there is nothing on the box that says us adults can’t enjoy it!

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