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Son of Nor: Available on Steam Early Access


There are a few games that are described as truly world changing and earth shattering, but few can lay as literal a claim to that crown as stillalive studio’s action adventure Son of Nor, now available on Steam Early Access. In the game you play a Son of Nor, a person consecrated by The Goddess of the Night and entrusted with great power. What powers you ask? Well, naturally you get a bevy of elemental magic powers as well as the power of telekinesis.

The big selling point however is terraforming. While not an entirely new concept in games, this is the first time it has become a primary, dynamic mechanic in the game. You can shift sand in any way you choose; to form barriers in combat, get to higher places and unveil hidden objects. Put together with the telekinesis and other magical powers and there is a ton of potential for creative combat, adventure and puzzle solving.

Marrying jaw-dropping art design with the ability to mould it as I wish? Sign me up!
Marrying jaw-dropping art design with the ability to mould it as I wish? Sign me up!

The puzzle set pieces in particular set this apart, being large in scope, incredibly dynamic and full of interesting little aspects that will stretch the limits of each of the mechanics and showcases really inspired art design on top of the technical nous. The game has co-op as well, allowing four friends online (or two local players via split screen) to share this world morphing experience. The utopian vision of this sounds very fun but the chaos this will most likely lead to sounds even more so.

How all this will will come together in the final product isn’t clear but given the openness of the developers to feedback, there’s the potential for a really great action adventure with some genuinely innovative gameplay to come out of it.

Son of Nor is currently in Steam Early Access, developed by stillalive studios, to be published by bitComposer studios and Viva Media, and is currently available on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac for £14.99


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