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Marvel’s Loki and Sylvie Helmet Replica Set

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After constant delays, the Loki and Sylvie Helmet Replica Set deom Zavvi has finally shipped and is arriving in homes as we speak. Is this a must have or a hard pass? Read on to see our thoughts

Special Features

  • Sylvie and Loki helmet replica set
  • Inspired by the Loki Disney+ TV series
  • Exclusive to Zavvi (UK and EU)
  • Limited Edition — 1000pcs
  • Officially Licensed
  • Perfect for Display and/or Cosplay 
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Packaged inside a Collector’s Box
  • Materials: Brushed Antique Brass Finish

The Loki and Sylvie Helmet Set are described as follows

Zavvi – The Home of Pop Culture

Take on the role of the God of Mischief with the Sylvie and Loki helmet replica set. These officially licensed pieces are inspired by the hit Disney+ TV series Loki and are available exclusively on Zavvi (UK and Europe).

Presented in a stylish collector’s box, these wearable headpieces are made from durable iron and feature a brushed antique brass finish for maximum authenticity. Display them proudly as part of your Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) collection, or go and cause some chaos as you dress up in your Loki cosplay outfit.

For any fan of the MCU, these are essential collector’s items. Make sure you grab yours quick, as the Sylvie and Loki helmet replica set is limited to only 1,000 pieces (certificate of authenticity included).

Must have or must pass?

The amount of time this took to arrive is, unfortunately, a staple of ordering from Zavvi. It can often feel like you are in an unending limbo with them.

The item finally shipped and arrived. Retailing at £99.99, you would hope it was well packaged. Unfortunately, the packaging was a single walled postage box with only plastic airbags as protection. Plenty of room for your display collectible to rattle around and had the box taken any hits, it afforded little protection.

The item itself is a rigid outer box with the horrible Loki logo on it (The author is aware she is biased and hates the logo). So far everything is in line with the description.

Then you look inside, and then the disappointment starts. The first impression was “Is that PLASTIC?” Followed by “Holy hell, it’s not?” Although these items are metal, the paint job is terrible, nothing like the display photo. It makes these look like cheap knock-off toys. Not the best start…


It doesnt get better…

The internal packaging is looks cheap and riddled with damage. Rememberm, this is intended as colletable display set. Even the certificate of authenticy is ripped. The gold ties are closer in color to the image on their site than the crowns are.

On the offchance that you never wanted to display these, as they are advertised as for cosplay, Loki’s crown is horrifially heavy and wont fit on your head unless bent. All supported by a stap less then 1cm wide. As an experienced cosplayer I can say that wearing this would be near impossible. The crown would need to be significantly bent to fit the average head and the strap would need to be swapped for something else. Also, the crown is so heavy that the included stap to support it without discomfort to the wearer.

Sylvies crown would be easier to wear, simply by being smaller, but has the same downside in needing to be bent. The quality of it was also shocking.

In summary:

For an item that is described as a display piece that can be worn, the poor design and unwearable nature of it does not justify price. There are plent of alternate versions that can be found online for your cosplay needs, which would look amazing, not break the bankstill and come with a nice tiara display. Save your money.

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