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Magnatuff for iPad by Tactus – Gadget Review 9 GPP

Straight to the Point:

Satisfyingly solid and stylishly sleek – MagnaTuff want to help protect that which you love most: your precious, precious iPad.

Hey there, beautiful...
Hey there, beautiful…

The Craic:

Ok, so cards on the table, when I first ripped open the packaging and held my brand new MagnaTuff  (“Mag-nuh-tuhf” according to the website) iPad protector in my pale withered hands I have to admit I wasn’t overly impressed. Sure, it looked cool and had a funky magnet clasp keeping it shut but it seemed a bit flimsy; too light to provide any protection against even the most modest slings and arrows. Not that I had any plans to put it in harm’s way. To give you a little background, my iPad never leaves my house. Heck, it rarely leaves my bedroom where I often spend my evenings searching for cheap comics on eBay whenever the wife runs out of lives on Candy Crush. We had previously protected our rectangular pride & joy with an Apple ™ brand screen cover and, in our naivety, believed we would never require anything more. It is with no hyperbole that I say that our lives fundamentally changed forever when we snapped this bad boy on.

They can even personalise them!
They can even personalise them!

And I mean snapped. The thin shell  clicked over the little switches and toggles that surround the tablet with the satisfying certainty you get from popping bubblewrap or retracting a particularly stiff ballpoint, hugging it like a form-fitting little black dress if a little black dress could stop a nail or had a grille on the bum for ventilation. As soon as the cover was in place a change had come over the iPad; no longer was it a fragile flower awaiting the inevitable fall from overcrowded bedside cabinet or rogue foot in the night. Now it was an armoured beast, equipped to take on all-comers! Still the same easily portable size and weight, my new Magnatuffed iPad is ready and willing to leave the house and brave the dangers of the wild unknown. Well, maybe downstairs to start…



Good looking and sturdy, you don’t sacrifice any weight or size economy and gain a real sense of protection. The magnetic cover switches the tablet off when closed, but can be a little fiddly to open and picks up more fingerprints than an entire season of CSI. I would certainly recommend the MagnaTuff for iPad cover to anyone who finds the brand ones a little too flimsy or that they fall off every goddamn time your wife tries to open it.

The MagnaTuff is available for iPad 2, the new iPad or in special Bantam class for the iPad Mini. Buy them here now!

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