Major Family Guy Character Killed

by on 26/11/2013

Last night saw the end of one of the best parts of a show that was quite frankly, flagging.

Family Guy , in last night’s episode, unceremoniously killed off lead character Brian Griffin by way of car accident. Fans across the board are shocked saddened by the event,as it came as a surprise to many.  Stewie was present at the death, but unable to save Brian as he had disasembled his time machine in a previous episode

The episode "Life of Brian" premiered last night.

The episode “Life of Brian” premiered last night.

Creator Seth MacFarlane has for many years stated that he wished the show to end, stating that it had “run its course”. Maybe this death was His way of sabotaging the show into cancellation? who knows?

Fucking WHO?

Fucking WHO?

Brian was swiftly replaced by another dog named Vinnie, voiced by Sopranos actor Tony Sirico. How long do you reckon this last? comments below, and all tributes welcome. RIP Brian. :'(