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New Titles for PS4 and PC Announced at Gamescom

So there is this thing called Gamescom every year, where various developers announce and reveal upcoming games. On August 12th 2014, Paradox Interactive revealed two upcoming titles for PS4 and PC.

Hollowpoint, a fast paced, co-op combat style game set in the 22nd century will join the family in 2015. Putting players in charge of secret organizations of corporate mercenaries, taking on paid missions for prestige alongside three other player online in co-op mode, Hollowpoint is developed by Ruffian Games. This is the same developer that brought us great titles such as Crackdown 2.


Old School meets Near Future:

  • Hollowpoint is played with a great blend of 2D side-scrolling action with 3D targeting, this will challenge players to take down enemies in front of them as well as in the background of their surroundings.

Plan and Execute:

  • Each mission is procedurally generated along with objectives, level layouts, and events requiring a mix of strategic planning and skilful action to complete, no mission is merely routine.

Organization, Corporation and Cooperation:

  • Team up with friends via PSN or Steam and take on contracts together, handling your personal operatives to succeed, or fail, together.

Upgrade and Adapt:

  • Earn experience and skill points to upgrade operatives, and outfit them with the correct abilities, weapons and equipment for the job.

Below is the first look at Hollowpoint. I don’t play Playstation but I do own a PS4 and this game just might be the one to convince me to use it for something more than Netflix. For more information on the game visit www.hollowpointgame.com.

Now, I think that it looks absolutely incredibly, it actually made me squee a little. That storyline is really intriguing, could it be a glimpse into our own future?

Now the second game that was announced doesn’t get me going like Hollowpoint, but it still has some interesting points to it. Peer into the Norse inspired world of Runemaster, in this newly released story trailer featuring game play combat.

In Runemaster you will be able to write your own saga as you guide customised heroes through a chaotic conflict, across the six worlds of Norse mythology. Turn-based tactical combat will separate the brave and the cunning from the common folk. With an emergent narrative told through procedural quests and an ever changing world, Runemaster will ensure that every story is unique to the player. With all of these upcoming release dates, I better start playing, to learn the Playstation controller setup and be ready for some gaming action that I’m just not quite used to yet.


Brittany Thornton aka The Wookie, lives on the majestic islands of Hawaii. A mother of two up and coming geek daughters. A Whovian, a Tolkien lover, a Trekkie and obviously a fan of Star Wars, you'll usually find her on XboxLive, playing Destiny and getting killed... a lot. Want to win her over? Books, bring books. Food helps too.

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