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Friday, August 19, 2022

A new ‘underground’ cinematic horror experience

I should explain before I start, by underground I don’t mean some cool new unheard of sub-genre of horror movie, I mean literally underground.

Recently I participated in a new experience in which I watched the British cult classic The Descent in an old slate mine.


Honister Slate Mine is located at the head of Honister Pass in the Lake District, UK. The mine opened In the 17th century and is a working mine that not only produces slate but hosts a series of events and tourist attractions.


It seems as though they have hosted cinematic events in the cavern before but this is their first stab at a horror night.

Their choice, the quite fitting film The Descent, is a 2005 British horror film involving a group of adventure-seeking women who become stuck in a network of previously un-mapped caves, where they quickly find that something or someone is down there with them, lurking in the dark.


The cave itself helped to set the atmosphere as the cavern walls were lit up to match the colour of the emergency flares used so frequently through out the film, which gave the impression that the gruesome claustrophobia induced events were happening right in front of you.

Upon the closing scene screams can be heard echoing from the back of the large cavern, which grow louder as they become closer and more visable as two actors run out into the main screening area covered in blood. The two are swiftly followed by more actors dressed up as the Descents feature cave dwelling ‘monsters’, who proceeded to interact with the audience by lurking and prowling the aisles. Although I imagine that the intent of this was to frighten people at a relaxing moment when you think it’s all over, I personally found them awkwardly funny which helped to bring the mood back down before leaving.

If you like watching horror movies in their natural environment with the occasional orchestrated scare (and don’t mind the cold) then keep an eye on their events page.

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