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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Peter Parker Returns!

For those with amnesia, Marvel killed off Peter Parker back in December 2012, and replaced him with a more-or-less heroic Doc Ock in Peter Parker’s body, who has been headlining his own Superior Spider-Man series ever since.

Whilst Superior Spider-Man has gone on to become Marvel’s top-selling title with its own army of loyal fans, as time wears on it becomes less and less likely that Doc Ock could get away with being a colossal douche without somebody noticing that Peter would never behave that way. I mean, what would Aunt May think?

(Wait, didn’t Aunt May and Doc Ock almost get married way back, and now he’s wearing her nephew like a human cosplay? Ew.)

Anyhoo, we can expect The Amazing Spider-Man #1 to arrive in April this year, but that’s all we know so far. No word on how Peter will come back- though I’d guess the fact that the Amazing X-Men are currently having adventures in the afterlife with their deceased friends Nightcrawler and Professor X may play a part.

We all knew he wouldn’t stay dead, but hearing that Peter Parker is returning to the Spidey-suit (and his body) is awesome news for any Spider-fan. Especially this one- now I can take down my mourning shrine!


Laura Maier
Laura Maier
At the time of character creation, Laura Maier made the mistake of putting all her points in charm. While this was probably an unwise decision, it's served her well so far. Her power animal is the platypus.

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