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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

PlayStation NOW is coming to PC

PlayStation NOW has been around for a while now and if you have not heard of it, no one would blame you.

It’s the poorly advertised streaming service that is available for the PS4 allowing you to play from a huge library of PS3 titles if you are willing to fork over a monthly subscription fee. The service advertises over 300 games including The Last Of Us and Borderlands 2. The service doesn’t require that you own a PS3 nor the games themselves but rather a PS4 and a PSN account.

playstation now on pc
Exclusive titles now on the PC

Sony has just announced plans to bring the service to the PC, allowing PC gamers access to a bunch of PlayStation exclusives like Heavy Rain. This naturally has been received with quite a shock as it breaks the mould on the behaviour of console manufacturers. Sony has always fought hard to get the best exclusives and have always traditionally held onto those titles with an iron grip. This move could mean some big changes in the near future as Microsoft is sure to hit them back with something similar!

Does this mean we will get access to some of the Xbox exclusives too? Could we be seeing Halo on the PC very soon? This geek certainly hopes so.

What do you think of the upcoming service?

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