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Rumour: Benedict Cumberbatch is Marvel’s Choice for Doctor Strange

dr strange
Mock up by Anne Wu, he looks pretty good

Yesterday Deadline announced that Marvel have finally settled on their Doctor Strange and have chosen he who can do no wrong, Benedict Cumberbatch. Whilst there is no official confirmation from Marvel, Deadline are suggesting that negotiations between the actor and the studio have begun and once all is in agreement an official press release will be forth coming. Once again, just to be sure, THERE IS NO OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION.

Ever since a Doctor Strange film was added to the Marvel movie universe roster, the rumours began with a number of actors being considered for the role. Notably the strongest suggestion was Joaquin Phoenix but it was later reported that negotiations fell through. The likes of Colin Farrell and Keanu Reeves were also rumoured neither of which I feel has the presence to portray the Sorcerer Supreme.

Cumberbatch is no stranger to roles considered gold in popular geekdom, his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes resulted in a fandom that basically keeps Tumblr ticking over and of course there was the ‘not so surprising’ reveal as Khan in JJ Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness, not forgetting he lent has lent his voice to the dragon Smaug in the Hobbit trilogy films. Really it was only a matter of time before he stepped into the role of a superhero. Fingers crossed it is real and not just another rumour.

How do you feel about this news? Would you be happy with Cumberbatch playing the role? Is there another actor better suited?


Becca Harper
Becca Harperhttp://geekparenting.tumblr.com/
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