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Security Accessories for your iPhone and iPad

Article written by Guest author, Ben Williams

The evolution of the smartphone and tablet computers has had a significant knock-on effect on business enterprises around the world. Mobile technology has made business operations appreciably more streamlined, with employees and partners able to access vital business documents and communication far easier and more immediate.

Business security, particularly with information, doesn’t necessarily stop with email archiving <http://www.mimecast.com>. With increased reliance on mobile technology come increased security risks. If your company employs a BYOD policy, it’s vital that your staff is keyed in on the necessary safety procedures.

Data security companies like Mimecast may provide a lot of protection from cyber criminals, but human error still contributes a lot in exposing your business to various threats. Make sure that you and your business do not fall into this category.


Protect your texts


Wickr: Sort of like a secret agent, you’ll be able to send self-destructing text messages with Wickr, a free app that lets you send
your messages with the option of auto-erasure afterwards. It comes with a Secure File Shredder that erases all unwanted files that you’ve deleted from your device.

iCrypt: If you deal with communicating highly-sensitive information, you may want to invest in iCrypt, an app that enables encrypted exchange via SMS and email. The recipient will receive a link, which will then prompt the recipient with a password that will reveal the communication. The recipient doesn’t have to have the app installed to read the messages, either.


Protect your passwords


: This app is designed to make your device remember your passwords and store them behind one master password. It also offers 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard encryption to make sure your passwords are totally covered.

DataVault: This password manager also employs AES encryption, but also offers iCloud and Dropbox synchronisation, along with Webdav and WiFi sync options.


Surf Safe


Kaspersky Safe Browser: This safe-browsing app from the esteemed internet security provider will filter out all malicious links and other inappropriate content, putting you out of danger from phishing websites.

Onion Browser: This is a minimal web browser that encrypts and tunnels web traffic through the Tor onion router network. Your surfing and browsing will be done in a completely secure and private manner.


Is this line secure?


Kryptos: If you’re dealing with ultra-sensitive information that can only be discussed via voice communication, Kryptos offers military-grade AES-encrypted platforms for discussing secret topics, compatible with 3G, 4G and WiFi networks.

A lot of mobile tech users tend to assume that the security threats that exist on the internet with laptops and desktops don’t apply to mobile devices. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Therefore, it’s important, along with the help Mimecast offer, to use smartphone and tablet technology safely, particularly in a business context.

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