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Star Wars Battlefront Beta – What a Non Starwars fan thought


Not being Star Wars fan (ducks for cover)  this game kind of slipped under the radar  but holy shit the beta was awesome. The feel of the maps, the graphics… I am in awe.

Let’s start this article with a statement shall we? I don’t have any strong feelings for Star Wars one way or the other, it’s always just kind of been there. I’ve seen the latest 3 (before the force awakens) films and too be honest, Jar Jar seems like a pretty cool guy. So why am I the one to write about this game? Because, I liked Battlefront 2.

In a time before getting digital games was easy and the PS2 was still king, as it pretty much still is in my opinion, me and my friend Joel used to stay up all night playing galactic conquest in battlefront 2 and it was genuinely amazing. Being young sometimes gives you rose tinted glasses for the older games but after a replay on PC everything seems to stand up today, so Battlefront should have its work cut out for it right?

A subtle part of modern gaming that is usually overlooked is matchmaking. I know that most of my time playing games is usually spent waiting for lobbies or players to ready up but Dice have done a real service by making getting in to game absolutely painless. I’m not usually a fan of fixed servers and would usually prefer a server browser but I guess Dice have won me over this time.

When you select a game mode you are instantly put into a lobby with people and that to me feels like a huge success no matter what games you play; however, the actual way matchmaking works could have been executed better. Hopefully this is only because the game in beta but I had real difficulty getting me and 3 friends on the same team for a match. Some people will say this is a good thing, helping to balance matches but I call bullshit, The buddy system, as cool as it is really is a huge step back from the squads you could make in battlefield leading to mass frustration and constant hopping between games.

Some of the guys I played with are huge star wars ner… fans and every question about the accuracy of the game was followed by “it feels right”, “It’s exactly what I wanted” or “can you shut up?” and again, as a non Star Wars fan this filled me with a new hope, for games to be recreations and not just new platforms. The maps look breath taking, not so much Hoth as it’s just kind of a snowy planet but the drop pod level was absolutely gorgeous.

Everything about the combat of Battlefront screams Battlefield but also doesn’t at the same time, it does by having the same engine but doesn’t because I’m actually quite good at it which is a massive plus for me. The blasters feel powerful but believable, the vehicles feel natural to use and heroes… actually weren’t that great now I come to think about it. They’re fun to jump about as and use their powers but overall they’re just a bit too bland.

There are a bunch of mixed feelings towards all of the power ups being generated at random points on the map, I for one don’t hate it as I think it gives players a chance to run around and think tactically about where they are going to have to be but again, this makes the game feel a little bland when you’re camping at spawn points. The power-ups themselves feel pretty awesome, the thermal imploder is pretty much a wub wub grenade for any of you dubstep fans, what’s not to love?

If you didn’t try the Battlefront beta you really missed out, make sure to give it a try if you can as it’s definitely one to buy.

Nestled in the tranquil reaches of Cheshire lives Jordan, a casual writer and lover of video games. When he's not exploring a dungeon or flying a spaceship, you can bet your sweet ass he'll be complaining about something.

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