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Stealth Inc. 2 is coming in late 2014 as a Wii U exclusive



On the PC, it was the game with one the best titles in years. Controversially known as Stealth Bastard among the master race and Stealth Inc. to everyone else, the 2012 indie platformer managed to accumulate over 1 million downloads across the PC, PS3 and Vita and was the winner of the 2013 TIGA award for best action-adventure. In a similar way to Hotline Miami and Super Meat Boy, it struck a chord with a Metroidvania fanbase who still feel nostalgic about a time when most games were as tough as fuck as there was no such thing as a memory card.

It’s perhaps slightly surprising then that Curve Studios have today confirmed that Stealth Inc. 2, will be released later this year and exclusively on the Wii U. In an official announcement, the London-based developer have promised that the game will heavily expand on the world of the original and offer a new co-op mode that takes full advantage of the Wii U’s unique GamePad controller.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Wii U in serious need of some more exclusives but what with Nintendo’s dodgy DRM systems on the eShop and a much smaller install-base compared with rival platforms, I’m slightly sceptical of this decision. The GamePad could add an extra dimension to how the game plays though and based on Curve’s reputation for quality, we’ll look forward to trying it when it releases later this year.

Sai Mealing
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