Stupidly Rare NES Cartridge On Sale Now

by on 24/01/2014

Anyone got $10,000?

This week saw the emergence of a precious antique in the gaming world : a cartridge for Nintendo World Championships.This cartridge was given to players of the championships ; it included 6 minutes of Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer and Tetris, the goal being to rack up as many points as possible. 

Another variant of the cartridge was gold, and given out during a different Nintendo Power (not a hate group) competition some years later.

The cartridge in question is beaten up, and has simply the word “Mario” hastily scrawled in biro. The seller claims that the damage was done “decades ago” . The current bid stands at $5,500 , but many speculate that the bidding will reach well into the $10,000 mark.


This is some plastic that you can swap for some paper. That person can then use that paper to buy a new car or a speadboat. Let that sink in.

The real question is: How much do you REALLY love the geek in your life?


The Bidding has closed and left the owner a rediculous $99,000!!!!!!

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