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Supreme Leader Snoke Fan Theories

Now there are a lot of theories flying around at the minute about who Supreme leader Snoke is, some plausible, some not so much but all springing from the same deep love of the worlds, nay, the Galaxy’s greatest Space Opera… Star Wars

A few days back we (Geek Pride), on a whim, and for a bit of proverbial banter, posted a picture on our Facebook showing Darth Vader (sans helmet) and Supreme leader Snoke Side by side; this picture:


The reaction was instant and visceral.

Nearly 1.1 Million views and thousands of comments later, what had started as an interesting theory based on some well-placed scars had erupted into a full on Theory fest with hundreds of people debating the picture and other theories a like.

We tried to keep up as best we could and even shot in our own two pennies worth (to varying levels of acceptance, denial and accusations of being fake geeks (*** face palm*** ) but it got to a point that some order needed to be brought to this ‘Force’ of opinion and therefore I, Supreme leader Geary, went through nearly every comment and post on the above picture, on our facebook, and compiled all the main theories and arguments; I know present them to you:

First Note before reading: These are theories provided by Geek Pride Followers and amalgamated into one article. There will be argument s for and against most of them we have just taken all the main ones and put them in a convenient place for you to digest and either accept, deny or just not care about.

Second Note before reading : We are aware that EU is not Canon any more and that J J Abrams could use it if he wanted or go somewhere completely different but hey.. JJ is known to throw in curve balls and where is the world without a bit of speculation?!

Soooo lets start with the least popular theories and move to the big hitters at the end.

Darth Bane


Founder of the Rule of Two, Darth Bane was the Sith equivalent of Yoda, but taller, and more Sith like. The argument for him being Snoke is simply because, well… he looks more like Snoke than Plagueis does annnd no one really knows how he was killed…. annnnnd he could have been hanging around for 1000 years; or something.

Arguments against…. Don’t think anyone can see the resemblance or the reason behind this. Just seems a bit too vague.

No ones buying it.

One of the Emperors advisers


Not many people buying this one either but an interesting theory all the same.

It is argued that Snoke was one of the Emperors advisers and that Palpatine has taught him over the years.

It could be he was force sensitive and the fact that he was a trusted advisor could explained why he was able obtain high command over the First Order; knowing where funds and supplies could be acquired as well as knowing where the location of secret bases are to build up his forces.

Currently from what I’ve seen no huge argument against this one other than it being ‘lame’ which in geek debating circles pretty much gives it legs… Can’t think of argument so will just say it’s lame.

Plausible in our mind if not the most exciting.

A Clone of The Emperor


Not the most popular theory currently and based solely on the Dark Empire Comics where The Emperor uses an ancient force technique to transfer his spirit into different clone bodies.

The argument goes that Snoke is a clone, or a host body, that the Emperor uses, his disfigurement being down to the deterioration of the body he occupies.

Main argument against this theory is based again on the comics as the Emperors Spirit was trapped by a dying Jedi knight, Empatojayos Brand, and  dragged back into the force with him.

He’s a Yuuzhan Vong


A disfigured and pain loving race that invaded the galaxy and nearly destroyed the new republic before it got started.

Arguments for Snoke being one of these creatures is due to his disfigurement and the fact that the leader of the Vong is called the ‘supreme overlord’ so kinda like the Supreme Leader.

Arguments against generally point to the fact that the Yuuzhan Vong have no imprint on the force and don’t use it. Also the coincidence in scarring and the ‘supreme’ title is tentative at best.

On a side note: there is a theory that the Galactic Empire and the Death Star where created to protect the Galaxy from the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong and that the rebellions victory caused the deaths of trillions in the ensuing invasion.

Now we are coming on to the more interesting theories that have definitely raised a few eyebrows on the page.


The Grand Inquisitor


This argument seems to be based on looks and a part from the face paint you can see why. He was a force user, a sabre wielder and used to recruit ‘force sensitives’ to the dark side; or kill them if they wouldn’t.

His job was simply to eradicate the remaining Jedi and people are pointing to this ( Snoke is looking to destroy the last Jedi ) and the facial similarities  as a good reason why he is the Supreme leader.

Argument s against is that he died after season 1 of rebels.

Counter argument is his death scene is a fall and we don’t know if he’s actually dead or not. People think that Snoke’s Injuries are as a result of this fall.


Sith Emperor Vitiate


The Sith Emperor has been around for a long time, back when the Sith Empire still existed he sat back and let the great hyperspace war unfold and then after the defeat of the Sith invited them round for tea and biscuits, only to use their power to perform a ritual that killed everyone on his planet and made him immortal…ish

Being a paranoid chap he would transfer his consciousness into other host bodies so he wasn’t assassinated ( kinda like Emperor Palpatine in Dark Empire)

It has been argued that he has carried on transferring his conscience into hosts over the years and Snoke is another host, hence the title, the power base and the throne.

Arguments against are after having his body killed on numerous occasions and transferring his conscience into more hosts he finally succumbed and died, Darth Plagueis stating that he was the closest any Sith had got to actual immortality. It is also argued why he did nothing during the Galactic War.

Counter arguments are that records of his ‘death’ are vague and that he could have easily survived in different hosts and that, like the hyper space war he sat back and let his enemies destroy each other while he grew stronger again.

The ‘Ones’ from the Clone Wars


This was a theory that came out of left field and  has in turn raised a lot of nods and agreements, to the point where few have tried to argue against it, at least from what we have seen on our page.

General theory is based on a few episodes of the Clone Wars where ‘the ones’ exceptionally strong force wielders ( a father, a son and a daughter; the son being the dark side and the daughter being the light) live on a planet called Mortis and are visited by Anakin, Obi-wan and Ashoka Tano to see if Anakin is in fact the chosen one.

These force gods, in effect, can only be killed by the dagger of Mortis, a dagger the son tries to kill the father with, so he can escape the planet, but instead the daughter sacrifices herself and dies. The son then tries to kill the father again but this time the father stabs himself, weakening the son and allowing Anakin to kill him.

The argument why the son is Snoke, is based on the look of the character and, due to the fact he was not killed by the dagger and so could, in theory, have survived and arisen as Snoke.

Arguments against seem to be based on the fact that the son is dead and was killed by Anakin but other than that people think it’s pretty plausible.

And finally our final 3 big hitters, the ones causing the most debate and exploding all over the Internet.


Snoke is just Snoke


Unsurprisingly a lot of people just think Snoke is just Snoke, a new character with no link to the above theories.

Arguments for this are simply the interview Andy Serkis who states as much.

Argument’ s against are the general, this was an older interview, he won’t tell you everything and JJ Abrams has previous when it comes to lying about plot details (as he should do)

Vader is Snoke


Now this may not be the most popular view but it has had the Internet explode of late. The picture we posted alone had over 1.1 million views and thousands of likes and comments.

The argument is based on a couple of things:

The scars on Vader / Anakins head are very similar to those of Snokes, nearly perfectly so, depending on the way you look at it, Vader was also cloned in the EU and his dark side could have moved his conscience to another vessel, as the Sith Emperor and Palpatine did.

Arguments against are very strong and point mainly to the fact that if Snoke was a clone why would he have the same scars. Also at the end of RoTJ Vader redeems himself by killing the Emperor and is rewarded with his very own force ghost.

Counter arguments go along the lines of the clone being corrupted by the dark side and so looks frail and that originally there was concept art showing a force ghost of Anakin looking light and dark, showing that it could split; this has been hotly contested.

Interesting side theory is that Snoke might not be Vader but the scars could be a part of a Cult of Vader hence the similarities and a way to seduce Kylo to the dark side.

Our final theory and the one that was mentioned in most replies on our page.

Darth Plagueis


It seems that a lot of people have taken to the idea that Darth Plagueis is in fact Snoke. sighting not only facial similarities but also the fact that the music played when Snoke is on screen resembles that of the music playing when Palpatine talks to Anakin about a Sith Lord,  Plaguies who had mastered immortality and could bring people back from the dead.

It is argued that Darth Sidious ( Palpatine ) either did not actually kill Plagueis or did but he came back. The scars being a reminder of the attack.

Arguments against are based on the fact that Plaguies is a Muun, a tall, flat face creature with a large head, that doesn’t resemble Snoke at all.

Counter arguments state that as the EU is not canon anymore then he could be what ever creature they want him to be.


So what do I think? Well I have to admit I did sit on the side of Darth Plagueis for a while, then the picture of Vader exploded onto the Internet and I felt confused… then all the additional counter theories came out in the comments and I just didn’t know where to hang my proverbial sabre.

Out of all of them I think the ‘ones’ the  Sith Emperor and the Grand Inquisitor are my favourites but all have good points followed by good counter arguments

So what do I think Abrams will do? Well Canon or not he will use influence from the EU, it won’t be exactly what we think or, in some cases, want but it will pull influence from it. One thing I’m certain about, and this is controversial for some, is that Snoke is linked to the past films and the Skywalkers in some way.


I say this because SW:TWA seems to have followed the nostalgic route, paralleling a New hope and I have a strong feeling that there will have to be a BIG ‘ No… I am your father’ / dude that’s your sister you kissed, part in the next two films and I feel Snoke’s identity will be pivotal in that.. Be it one of the above, a mix of EU canon or something new.

What I will say is that I don’t think having a view on this is a bad thing, as long as you are respectful of others views too; in the end, we are all Geeks and Starwars is a uniting factor. We may disagree on theories or how the films should pan out but we all have one thing in common; a love for Star Wars and that, to me is a beautiful thing.

Roll on the next films and let s get some answers!

Matt Geary
Matt Gearyhttps://www.geek-pride.co.uk
From N.Ireland but now living in Manchester, England; Matt is the founder and CEO of Geek Pride. Interests: Photography, Music, Art, poetry, Military History, Model making and painting and of course gaming (table top and computer)

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