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John Hurt passes away, aged 77 (1940-2017)

by Mark Cantyon 28/01/2017
It was announced last night that the British actor, John Hurt, has passed away, aged 77. He is survived by his 4th wife, of 12 years, Anwen Rees-Myers, and sons Alexander, 26 and Nick, 23. A twice Oscar-nominated actor, the actor had won a Golden Globe and 4 BAFTAs, as well as a Lifetine Achievement […]

An Unreleased Bill Murray Movie for Your Entertainment Pleasure and it’s Free

by James Woodheadon 10/07/2014
If you’re a die hard Bill Murray fan, you may know this, otherwise if you’re a regular standing fan, it might be a pleasant surprise. In 1984 Billy Murray played a Bus Conductor to the Moon, he starred along Zach Galligan of Gremlins fame and Dan Aykroyd cameos as his boss and it was directed […]

Xbox One(984): Welcome to the PRISMdome

by Andrew Corbanon 16/06/2013
8 June 1949 George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ was first published.  Globally accepted to be a ‘must read’ for all it coined the term Big Brother, as the omnipresent government among other things held constant surveillance on its citizens, the book gave us the phrase ‘Big Brother is watching you’.  Over the years many people, mostly […]