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It’s Not All Bad: Four Horror Remakes Worth Watching

by Andrew Corbanon 29/02/2016
With the recent release of a remake of Eli Roth’s 2002 classic horror Cabin Fever, some people may be wondering if there is any point in remaking films like this at all, especially when they’re little more than shot for shot recreations that don’t add anything exceptional to the concept. Everyone constantly bemoans horror remakes and, […]

And the Geek Pride Game of the Year 2013 is…

by Matt_Walklateon 19/01/2014
It’s safe to say that 2013 has been a very, very good year for gamers. We’ve seen a veritable smorgasbord of titles released this year, from action-heavy AAA works to masterpieces of storytelling and emotion, from the technical innovation of respected developers and the continued explosion of groundbreaking indie games. But with so much choice; how on […]

New cosplay music video for MCM London by Johnnie and Todd’s Den Presentation

by Matt Gearyon 06/11/2013
A great new cosplay music video from the guys at Johnnie and Todd’s Den Presentation, at Winter MCM in London. A more thoughtful and somber take on the norm… different… I LIKE IT!  

Geek Pride at Play Expo 2013

by Matt_Walklateon 14/10/2013
As some readers may know, Geek Pride was once again invited along to Play Expo in Manchester this year; hosted by Re-Play events. Last year’s expo was a sprawling, all encompassing event that had everything from pinball and classic arcade machines to cutting edge previews, and even pro gaming tournaments. This year the show was […]

Sleepy Hollow. Off to a good start. Can it get better?

by Cristina Bogdanon 29/09/2013
The other day I found out that a new TV series had begun two weeks ago, centred around the tale of the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane, the man that had managed to “defeat” him. I was naturally curious and I decided to watch the first two episodes. While not bad, there were so many […]

Riddick: New International Trailer (French)

by Andrew Corbanon 17/06/2013
Here’s the newer, slightly longer international trailer for Riddick: Rule the Dark. The film releases on 6 September (UK and US). Let us know what you think in the comments.  [via Geeks are Sexy]

Bad Wolf Day

by TheWookieon 05/06/2013
Bad Wolf Day 2013 Whovians around the world are confused   What is Bad Wolf Day? In 2005 an episode of Doctor Who was broadcasted on the 11th of June in the U.K. entitled “Bad Wolf.” When The Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack Harkness wake up on Satellite 5, also known as “The GameStation,” They suffer […]

Upstream Color — 10 GPPs

by Andrew Corbanon 26/05/2013
I have to give a bit of a preface to this review. This film deeply resonated with me but it may not do so for you. Upstream Color demands a great deal from its audience. You have to be in the middle of an unusual Venn diagram to truly enjoy this film. The more of […]

Videogame Buyers Guide 2013 – Part 1

by Matt_Walklateon 19/01/2013
In this series of 4 we will be taking a look into our crystal ball and seeing what us lucky gamers can expect in 2013. Last year we had a banquet of sequels, AAA titles and indie games, and it’s looking like we have plenty to whet our appetites for 2013 so far. For now […]