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Halo 5 Cinematic trailers

by Matt Gearyon 24/09/2015
Here is the newest Halo 5 Cinematic Trailer, showing Master Chief and his blue team, all of whom have taken a page from the moody heroes book of awesome and kept their helmets on. Unlike Spartan Locke, and his team, who are all sans helmet. Not long now, just over one month! What are you […]

Ridley Scott’s Halo movie being shot in Belfast N.Ireland

by Matt Gearyon 03/06/2014
Well she might have some questionable politics but where N.Ireland is flourishing is within the film/TV industry. Game of thrones and now Halo! According to the Belfast Telegraph, Ridley Scott has started filming the long awaited Halo movie … lets say that again Halo fan boys and fan girls; HALO MOVIE! (joooooooooyyyyy) and it is being shot […]

Halo 4 – (Xbox only) 9GPPs

by Matt Gearyon 08/11/2012
Straight to the point – The chief is back! Greatly anticipated and he didn’t let me down. Campaign could have been a bit more varied, feeling like I was just playing through old missions from previous releases at times, but the story kept me hooked and the Multiplayer will keep me happy  for a long […]