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by Matt Gearyon 11/06/2015
While at Manchester Film and Comic Con we managed to get a hold of the one and only Lance Henriksen while on a break… he has an interesting conversation with Paddy about smoking, the new aliens film, bladerunner 2 and his book. Check it out!  

12 Life Lessons From Robin Williams

by therockfairyon 12/08/2014
I watched What Dreams May Come with my best mate on on Saturday night and we were chatting about what an amazing soul Robin Williams was.  The fact he’d come so far through his drug addiction and depression was something we found inspirational and his creativity was awe-inspiring.  He’s played so many different characters over the […]

Interview with James Cosmo at Manchester MCM 2014

by Matt Gearyon 06/08/2014
ADVICE FOR FILM MAKERS   FULL INTERVIEW Geek Prides interview with James Cosmo at Manchester MCM The absolute Legend that is James Cosmo, took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us at MCM in Manchester… Can not emphasis how amazing this actor is and what a top bloke to boot. Give Jame’s […]

Actor Bob Hoskins dies at age 71

by Sai Mealingon 30/04/2014
It has been confirmed that the British actor Bob Hoskins sadly passed away in hospital on Tuesday after suffering with pneumonia. The Oscar-nominated screen legend is probably best known for his role as the sleuth Eddie Valiant in Who Frames Roger Rabbit but over 20 years ago, Hoskins was also responsible for bringing gaming’s biggest […]