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Confessions of a Tech Addict

by Nick Hancheton 08/09/2015
I can’t help myself. I look at something, I imagine the possibilities how that wonderful piece of technology can change my life for the better, and I convince myself that I need it. Granted, these urges often only last for a few days but regardless, if I gave in within that time period I’d be in serious […]

Pokemon TCG coming to iPad

by Bevan Clatworthyon 22/08/2014
An exciting development for fans of the Pokemon TCG out there. An image has been leaked and later confirmed of a Pokemon TCG app for the iPad! Whether this will be cross platform is yet unknown, since the PokeTCG has been available online for quite some time already. However, with the huge popularity of the […]

Indie puzzle platformer Teslagrad is coming to PS3, Wii U and Vita this Summer

by Sai Mealingon 27/02/2014
Norwegian indie developer Rain Games have announced that their latest platforming adventure title ‘Teslagrad’ will be released on console formats later this year. These ports follow a successful Steam launch for PC, Mac and Linux, a Metacritic review score of 78/100 and almost universal praise at last year’s industry events such as Seattle PAX Prime […]

Adventure Time: Card Wars goes live! iOS and Tabletop Versions Announced

by Bevan Clatworthyon 17/02/2014
Adventure Time: Card Wars has been released! Well, nearly… On Friday 14th of February, Adventure Time: Card Wars the iOS version was released, with decidedly little fanfare other than advertisements on Cartoon Network. At £2.49 ($3.99 for our American compadres), it’s not too pricey, until you find out there’s also In-App Items to purchase. I’m […]

Ipad Mini – Not Really A Review – ish…

by Rik O'Neillon 12/09/2013
  So, I finally joined the mobile revolution and bought an iPad Mini. This is my “sort of review” – but I really don’t know enough about mobile and tablets to compare and contrast, so it’s more of a blog about the bloomin’ thing! Firstly, why did I buy it? Until a couple of months […]

Memoria Review – 7 GPPs

by Sai Mealingon 07/09/2013
If we can be thankful to touch screen mobile devices for anything, besides providing a great way to avoid uncomfortable silences in social situations, then one of those things will be the return of the point and click adventure to mainstream video games. The iPhone has joined digital platforms like Xbox Live Arcade in allowing a […]

Google Developing Andriod-Powered Games Console

by Stephen Breweron 04/07/2013
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) stated that ‘people familiar with the matter’ provided details to the newspaper. Despite this Google declined to comment, though according to the WSJ, Google is ‘reacting in part to expectations that rival Apple will launch a videogame console as part of its next Apple TV product release.’ Apple have also […]

Dungeon Rockin’: Warhammer Quest – 9GPP

by Andrew Corbanon 28/06/2013
Games Workshop’s first trip into the iOS games market has Rodeo Games producing the 1995 popular dungeon adventure role-playing board game, Warhammer Quest. Set in the fantasy Warhammer world and just like the original board game, you take part in various turn based dungeon quests on either specified linear missions offered to you as part […]

Games You Should Play – Despicable Me: Minion Rush

by James Buckinghamon 28/06/2013
I’m not usually one for mobile gaming, but since getting a Nexus 4 I’ve found myself fiddling around with games more… and I’ve been genuinely surprised at some of the quality titles that are available. This review will be the start of a new series of articles called “Games You Should Play“. I’ll be doing […]

Start spreading the news: Windows 8.1 prepares for the return of the ‘Start’ button

by Sai Mealingon 24/04/2013
    Without  a doubt, the single most controversial aspect of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Operating System has been the decision to replace the Start menu with the more tablet-friendly Metro user interface. Many PC users chose to boycott Windows 8 altogether whereas the more tech savvy have utilized 3rd party applications such as StartIsBack which […]