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The Best Toy Santa Didn’t Bring You – Google Cardboard

by GuruMelon 09/01/2015
This should have been the biggest toy this Christmas, and I’m amazed that anyone doesn’t own one yet, but then, even if you have heard of Google Cardboard it sounds so ridiculous that most people just think it’s not going to be any good. Cardboard is a DIY folding cardboard smartphone mount allowing you to […]

5 Great Gaming aps to help pass the time

by Andrew Corbanon 26/11/2014
Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of that pixelated, apple eating snake… why did it eat apples anyway? It’s a snake.. do they even eat apples?! Anyway, despite its strange eating habits, ‘Snake’ could arguably be counted as one of the most successful mobile games ever, with nearly every person I know […]

Zombie Dice: App Review

by Stephen Breweron 25/04/2014
For a game that consists of a few dice, a cup to roll and a page of instructions outside the realm of the app, it was difficult to see how SJ Games could improve or detract from Steve Jackson's Zombie Dice. SJ Games who are known for making The Fnorder and Munchkin Level Counter also on the app store gave this simple, yet addictive game their best shot, and for a free download (with an in-app purchase of 69p to unlock it fully) it didn't disappoint.

Ipad Mini – Not Really A Review – ish…

by Rik O'Neillon 12/09/2013
  So, I finally joined the mobile revolution and bought an iPad Mini. This is my “sort of review” – but I really don’t know enough about mobile and tablets to compare and contrast, so it’s more of a blog about the bloomin’ thing! Firstly, why did I buy it? Until a couple of months […]