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Nerd Block Classic: July 2016 Box

by xdustineflxon 23/07/2016
In addition to Geek Fuel, one of the subscription boxes I’m trying out is Nerd Block. I had heard good things about it from several friends, so it was worth a shot. The cool thing about Nerd Block is there are several themes you can choose from-Horror, Sci-Fi, Arcade, Kids, etc.-and you can swap between […]

Arrested Westeros – The Meme You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

by Andrew Corbanon 19/08/2013
During one of my regular procrastination sessions, you know the ones… where I should be writing instead of surfing the internet… I stumbled across a whole world of crossover memes combining images/characters from Game of Thrones and Arrested Development quotes. Here are a selection of my favourites, some of them had me howling with laughter. […]

It’s the final countdown! – Arrested Development Trailer has arrived

by Becca Harperon 13/05/2013
It is back and boy am I super duper excited, you can tell how excited I am because I just used the term super duper which means the excitement is clouding my ability to write. Yes my all time favourite comedy, Arrested Development is back courtesy of Netflix. After years of rumours about a movie […]