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The Read Pile – The GP comics blog

by Andy Haighon 16/02/2016
Greetings dear readers and welcome to the inaugural instalment of The Read Pile the new semi-regular blog all about sequential art. The Read Pile will feature myself ( you can find more of my random utterings on Twitter @Wolverinesclaws) and various others from the rogues gallery that is GP discussing what we’ve read recently, what’s […]

Avatar: Legend of Korra S3 Trailer

by Daniel Delargyon 12/06/2014
The ‘Avatar’ series has always been something I have quite enjoyed. The original series, ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ had a solid run throughout my early teenage years, and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the various adventures and solid character development within the series. The film…well, the less said about that the better. ‘The Legend of […]

5 Apocalypses You Are Probably Not Ready For

by The_Dark_Mikeon 25/02/2014
In 2014, we live in a world where the phrase ‘Zombie apocalypse’ is more common than ‘Starbucks coffee’, ‘Microsoft Works’ and ‘Mike’s crazy ex-grilfriends’.  It was the go-to film, book and tv idea of 2013, replacing 2012’s twinkly, twinkly, vampires.The concept of the undead had been somewhat ignored throughout most of the 90s, being relegated […]

Uber #1

by Andy Haighon 15/05/2013
Churchill hears news of the Ubermensch. Freya makes a break for freedom and Hitler makes a devastating display of power. Kieron Gillen‘s Uber is a hot property, with it’s initial issue #0 selling out and the following enhanced edition reprint selling out prompting another reprint – issue #1 has sold out too on a retailer […]

Zombie Movie Mashups are (Un)Dead Good

by James Buckinghamon 21/02/2013
You know that awesome run of Marvel Zombies comics? I loved that series… the mashup of my favourite superheroes and the undead was awesome. Now artist Matt Busch has fiddled with some movie poster artwork to incorporate the flesh-munchers too.       I think my favourite one may be the “Cadavatar” one… and to […]

Ferals #13

by Andy Haighon 15/02/2013
Green Gorge, Washington. Agent Shoe and the F.B.I continue their investigation into Rikkard’s compound in the hills and the subsequent clean up . Meanwhile in Fordbridge, British Columbia Chesnutt continues on his quest for vengeance against Rikkard after the death of Sophie. Avatar the indie publisher known for seducing numerous writers with it’s anything goes […]