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Battleborn v Overwatch: One of These Things is Not Like the Other

by Callum Tyndallon 15/05/2016
There is an emerging genre currently being referred to as “hero shooters”, essentially a combination of FPS style combat with MOBA influenced hero design. Two of the biggest games currently being placed in this bracket at the moment are Blizzard’s Overwatch and Gearbox’s Battleborn. Both use FPS mechanics and both feature hero type characters, fighters that utilise a wide […]

Bastion – 8 GPPs

by Stephen Breweron 28/06/2013
The reception for this independent game was quite outstanding, and with good reason. I started playing Supergiant Games’ first-ever game, and within fifteen minutes was enthralled with it. From Jen Zee’s (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike) beautiful art style, to Logan Cunningham’s great narrative style- whose voice in this game rates as high as Morgan […]

Death of a Next-Gen Gamer

by Stephen Breweron 17/06/2013
When the news of the latest consoles broke I was one of the happiest people on earth. I consider myself one of the second generation of gamers. I wasn’t there for the Magnavox Odyssey (1972) or the Phillips Odyssey (1976). But I was around for the rest, the Ataris, the Amigas, the Sega Master System […]