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5 Apocalypses You Are Probably Not Ready For

by The_Dark_Mikeon 25/02/2014
In 2014, we live in a world where the phrase ‘Zombie apocalypse’ is more common than ‘Starbucks coffee’, ‘Microsoft Works’ and ‘Mike’s crazy ex-grilfriends’.  It was the go-to film, book and tv idea of 2013, replacing 2012’s twinkly, twinkly, vampires.The concept of the undead had been somewhat ignored throughout most of the 90s, being relegated […]

Science for the win!! Weekly science roundup

by TheWookieon 18/01/2014
Science For The Win! 2014 Week 2 Once again this week hasn’t been very eventful. There’s maybe three totally awesome developments in science that have happened since the last round up, and one pretty cool space thingy. Like Wind Power? You’ll love this new way to charge your cell phone (mobile). On the beautiful island […]

More Than Honey — 8 GPPs

by Andrew Corbanon 23/06/2013
Many geeks love the post-apocalyptic genre. End times are fascinating to us for a great number of reasons. We’ve all enjoyed seeing marauding bandits roam the wasteland only to get dealt with by leather-clad anti-heroes. The origin of the total destruction of civilization plays a significant role in the realism of this type of setting. […]