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Nerd Block Classic: October 2016

by xdustineflxon 22/10/2016
Time again for the monthly Nerd Block Classic review. With it being October, these are all horror/monster-themed, so let’s take a look. First up, we have an exclusive art print. Scre As you can see, it’s a mash-up of Ghostface and Sidney Prescott from the Scream movie series. I am not sure what I want to […]

Keaton Speaks and Beetlejuice 2 Rumours hit Overdrive

by Becca Harperon 16/02/2014
I was a mere 9 years old when Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice came out. The supernatural comedy is one of those films from my childhood burnt into my mind with feelings of fondness and joy. I consider it huge influence on my tastes and an important contributor to my inner geek. Over the years we have […]

You need to stop playing Minecraft

by The_Dark_Mikeon 07/06/2013
Minecraft, for those of you in that have spent the last two years hiding in a bunker from nuclear fallout/Superman is essentially a Lego survival horror game where you play as a nondescript terrified survivor (or Steve to his friends) who can build whatever your imagination can dream up; an underground railway, a secret Bat […]