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30 Days of Video Games. – Day 2 – My Favourite Character

by Matt Gearyon 21/01/2012
30 Days of Video Games. Day 2. My Favourite Character  I wonder why it is, that only a few of the many great Video Game characters stay with us and the rest simply fade into obscurity. Some we simply remember because they don’t let you forget, bombarding us with title after title and game after game; […]

30 Days of Games

by Matt Gearyon 16/01/2012
Day 1.  Your first Video Game. by Ben Mason  So what was it? The game that got you hooked and changed your life for the better? Many games graced my childhood at roughly the same time: Mario, Sonic; Altered Beast, on the Amiga that my brother owned and Zool on my Aunty and Uncle’s Sega […]