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Review: Zoolander No.2

by Andrew Corbanon 13/02/2016
Last Thursday I was very lucky to attend the premier of Zoolander No.2 at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square. After walking down the blue carpet (obviously), we were treated to the man himself Ben Stiller giving a speech about how this is the film the fans have been asking for. Then he did this…. […]

3, 2, 1… DODGEBALL! Sequel Actually Happening

by James Buckinghamon 24/04/2013
I’m loving, and yet also dreading some of the sequel announcements that are coming of late. A while ago we found that cult classic Anchorman was getting a sequel, and now another much-loved movie has finally confirmed the rumours of a sequel… and yes, Peter La Fleur & White Goodman are making a comeback. Yes, […]