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The Read Pile – The GP Comics blog

by Andy Haighon 11/03/2016
Welcome to the latest edition of The Read Pile the GP comics blog where we’ll be talking about what we’ve been reading recently, what was good and what was bad and other randomness. Just like before other contributions are colour coded, whilst mine are black. Callum – Main one for me is still just plowing […]

Swamp Thing Volume 1

by Andy Haighon 04/03/2014
Brian K Vaughan is a big name in the world of comics now, being the writer of Image Comics’ smash hit ‘Saga’ and ‘Y The Last Man’ for Vertigo amongst others. Something which isn’t generally associated with Vaughan is Swamp Thing, written before he became a widely acclaimed writer. Back in 2000, Vaughan wrote an […]

Y: The Last Man : Graphic Novel Overview

by Stephen Breweron 15/06/2013
In 2002, writer Brian K Vaughan (Lost, Saga, Runaways), alongside artist Pia Guerra (2008 Eisner Award Winner) brought to life a story about a man ‘Yorick Brown’ and his monkey ‘Ampersand’. On July 17th 2002 a virus simultaneously kills every living mammal possessing a Y Chromosome; except for the main character Yorick and his faithful companion Ampersand.