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Microsoft Making Changes to XboxOne

by TheWookieon 19/06/2013
Earlier this week I wrote a piece in response to leaked information which many of you read. ( Today I am happy to announce, I told you so. With a recent statement from the president of interactive entertainment of Microsoft, we are looking at XboxOne undergoing a major overhaul. Xbox heard us and is acting […]

Xbox Comes clean

by TheWookieon 14/06/2013
Xbox Engineer Comes clean about XboxOne   While perusing Internet, I came across an article about the XboxOne that actually made whole hell of a lot of sense. Still not 100% convinced to buy one but here is what he had to say about it, as well as my reactions to some of his responses. […]

Material Culture and the Television

by TheWookieon 06/06/2013
Material Culture   Different cultures may have the same things we have in America, however they may not be used the same way we use them. Let’s take the television for example. In America it is a source of entertainment, education and a news. We happen to be a “rich” country though, where the majority of families can […]

Bad Wolf Day

by TheWookieon 05/06/2013
Bad Wolf Day 2013 Whovians around the world are confused   What is Bad Wolf Day? In 2005 an episode of Doctor Who was broadcasted on the 11th of June in the U.K. entitled “Bad Wolf.” When The Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack Harkness wake up on Satellite 5, also known as “The GameStation,” They suffer […]