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Go Go Power Rangers! Trailer 2 Hits

by joshkingofgeekson 20/01/2017
So, it’s been 12 hours since the Trailer of Lionsgate/Saban’s 2017 Feature “Power Rangers” went live online and the Ranger fans, Ranger Community and Cosplayers have gone wild with excitement at finally seeing the big reveal of some of the most anticipated characters (and vehicles). Released March 24th directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac, Acholilad) […]

Unleashing the Power! Power Rangers Trailer Drops

by joshkingofgeekson 08/10/2016
“It’s Morphin’ Time!” The Power Rangers fandom got its most anticipated teaser trailer this morning thanks to Lionsgate at this years NYCC (that’s New York Comic Con for all you heathens). SABAN’S Power Rangers movie due to hit us in the UK 27th March next year has teased and tickled us with posters and concept […]

Bryan Cranston’s Greatest Role: Snizzard

by The_Dark_Mikeon 06/01/2015
You know him, you love him, it’s Malcolm In The Middle star Bryan Cranston. This kind hearted and warm actor brings life to any performance he is given, and has won over generations of fans in his roles as That Dude In Godzilla and some show about meth. I dunno, I never watched it.   […]

Godzilla – or the utter disappointment of the summer

by Cristina Bogdanon 03/06/2014
I don’t know about you, but I was actually excited about this movie. I had high hopes, fuelled by people claiming that it’s the best movie ever (though I’m guessing they merely meant it’s the best Godzilla movie ever? Which in fact isn’t that hard of a feat to achieve), but all my hopes were […]

Extended Trailer for Godzilla – Damn That Monster is HUGE!

by Becca Harperon 07/04/2014
If the first trailer wasn’t exciting and goose bump inducing enough, the ante has just been upped with this extended trailer. It alludes to the motivation behind Bryan Cranston’s character’s distress (you know apart from the huge monster) and highlights the true scale of destruction we are going to witness. But best of all we […]

Godzilla Trailer #2 is EPIC!

by Becca Harperon 25/02/2014
Legendary has released a second trailer for Godzilla and it truly gives me goosebumps. This one eludes to the story line a little more than the last, heavily features the awesome that is Bryan Cranston being suitably scared and frantic, and leaves us with no doubt this is going to be a destructive heavy, monstrous […]

Big Batman VS Superman Casting News!

by Michael Doddon 31/01/2014
Heisenberg is out, Eisenberg is in! That’s right Jesse Eisenberg has been cast as Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman VS Superman from Warner Bros. This puts months of speculation to an end but now opens up the floor for debate about how the Oscar-nominated Social Network star will do in a role quite unlike any he has ever […]

Movie Review: Argo – 9GPS

by Becca Harperon 20/02/2013
Straight to the point: Believe the hype and watch this film and I don’t say that very often. Directed and starring Ben Affleck, Argo is the true story of  six American embassy workers in Tehran, Iran and their escape during the pro-Ayatollah post revolutionary chaos of 1980. Based on that description this is not movie I would have […]