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by Matt Gearyon 17/08/2014
Matt was challenged by his sister to do the Icebucket challenge Check the video out here and make sure you donate by texting ‘BEAT’ to 70007 Also you can check out fellow GPer, and Matt’s brother, doing the same thing, and challenging his Dodgeball team HERE £3 is nothing in the grand scheme of things but […]

5 PopCap games for under £1!

by Andrew Corbanon 08/03/2014
Last week The Humble Store gave us an impressive deal on some AAA titles. This week‘s titles are from the casual end of the gaming spectrum but the deal is no less noteworthy, for multiple reasons. You can pay what you want for the five basic titles in the bundle (Peggle Deluxe, Bejeweled 3, Bookworm […]

A Thank you from Cancer Research

by Matt Gearyon 13/02/2014
    Last Year Geek Pride embarked on our first ever crowd funded project. The aim was not one of financial gain, to improve the site, or to pimp our wears, no, it was for the simple aim of spending a bit of our time doing some good and hopefully helping people in the process. […]

Geek Pride: Cosplay Charity Calendar

by LadyNoctison 07/12/2013
This September we embarked on a mission (set up by our wonderful editor KThulu) to bring you a truly unique cosplay calendar, created by and featuring the Geek Pride writers and contributors, alongside guest artists who donated their artwork to the calendar. Well thanks to you amazing lot, we managed to make this dream a […]

Guerilla Tea Creates Cancer Research Game

by Stephen Breweron 28/07/2013
Guerilla Tea, the Dundee based developer have joined forces with Cancer Research UK to create ‘GeneGame‘, a mobile title that will allow gamers to analyse gene data and contribute to the fight against cancer.   Guerilla Tea CEO Mark Hastings said, ‘We’ve always believed games technology has the potential to provide huge benefits to other […]