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by Matt Gearyon 26/04/2020
Yesterday, 25/04/2020, Geek Pride lost one of it’s Editors, to Cancer. Her name was Hani Fearon and she was only 30. Hani was one of the original group who helped start Geek Pride and despite the tumult inherent in sites like ours, she was always there, always helping, always positive and every time I saw […]

Charity Raffle – Win a Signed ARROW CAST A3 poster from The Zero Room

by Matt Gearyon 01/07/2018
We have got our hands on some great posters by the guys at Zero Room Designs  and to round it all off, we have got them signed by the respective cast members of the respective shows : Arrow, Gotham, Torchwood and more. Instead of having just a normal share to win though, we thought, bearing in […]

FUCK CANCER 2018 London

by Laura Bensonon 01/07/2018
At 6pm on the 25th of May, The CW Arrow megastar Stephen Amell hosted the 2nd London based fundraiser for his charity of choice and patronage, Fuck Cancer (www.letsfcancer). Like the previous event held a year ago, the venue was a prestigious London nightclub called the Piccadilly Institute, located in the very heart of Piccadilly […]


by Matt Gearyon 17/08/2014
Matt was challenged by his sister to do the Icebucket challenge Check the video out here and make sure you donate by texting ‘BEAT’ to 70007 Also you can check out fellow GPer, and Matt’s brother, doing the same thing, and challenging his Dodgeball team HERE £3 is nothing in the grand scheme of things but […]

One For The Boys Fashion Ball

by TinkerTonkson 04/06/2014
Cancer. For such a little word it’s one that instills a lot of people with the utmost fear and dread. Quite rightfully too because as a disease it kills thousands of people every single year. In the mainstream media, the awareness of Cancer has been raised a lot in recent years, specifically with things like […]

A Thank you from Cancer Research

by Matt Gearyon 13/02/2014
    Last Year Geek Pride embarked on our first ever crowd funded project. The aim was not one of financial gain, to improve the site, or to pimp our wears, no, it was for the simple aim of spending a bit of our time doing some good and hopefully helping people in the process. […]

Geek Culture: saving lives and giving hope.

by The_Dark_Mikeon 10/06/2013
  The word “nerd” actually comes from the phrase “ne’er do well” meaning a person who is a layabout, a slob, a waste of space. This was typically the view of geeks and nerds: people who denied the social norm and did what they felt like, Never growing up. This has somewhat changed, especially since […]