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Final Space – a Netflix series

by Matt Gearyon 25/08/2018
New to Netflix in the UK, Final Space is a remake or even a sequel to a YouTube series of the same name. Where in a lonely Prisoner, Gary, chances to meet an Alien creature, named Mooncake, who happens to be a planet destroying weapon.  Created by Olan Rodgers the show was championed by Conan […]

Go Team Venture! Season 6 has landed

by trekkiemarkon 24/02/2016
(Yar, there be Spoilers ahead matey) For those of you who don’t know, Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros is quite simply one of THE BEST animated shows out there and it’s back for only it’s sixth season in twelve years. Hank and Dean Venture are the sons of a caustic super scientist who all live in a […]

Song of the Sea Review

by spikedirectionon 07/11/2015
Song of the Sea is the follow up to Tomm Moore’s previous animation The Mystery Of Kells, and it continues much of the traditions of that work, highly stylised, beautiful art, charming magical realism and pure, concentrated Irishness, to the extent that the credits are in gaelic. The story concerns Ben, a boy living in […]

Rememblog #3: How Batman: The Animated Series Gave Me A Hero

by Callum Tyndallon 09/04/2015
I want to start off by making it very clear that this is not some tragic tale of how I came to some sort of realisation or overcame some horrible event. I did not get through grief or alcoholism or loss by watching Batman: The Animated Series. I just gained a lifelong love of the character because of […]

Fan Art Feature – Bucky O’Hare

by GuruMelon 02/05/2014
It’s another cartoon animal this week, this space rabbit has been fighting against the evil Toad Empire since the early 80’s in comics, and in his own TV show through the 90’s, it’s the fearless captain of The Righteous Indignation, Bucky O’Hare! First up, this image from Marcotte. Great pic, love the background and shading, […]

Adventure Time: Morals and Science

by TheWookieon 29/07/2013
What time is it!? Adventure Time!!   My younger sister (25) introduced me to the show Adventure Time last year while my kids were visiting. At first I was hesitant to allow them to watch it, as it came across with a Family Guy feel to it. However, after watching a few episodes myself, I […]

Transgender Superhero for Kids – SheZow!

by Becca Harperon 30/05/2013
Very recently Gail Simone introduced the first transgender character to mainstream comics, a brave and, mostly, celebrated move. A great way of accepting peoples differences and may be change the views of those more intolerant folk, yes I have purposely worded that nicely. The comics are of course aimed at teen and above, which begs […]

People who don’t text back!!!!

by Matt Gearyon 08/08/2012
We’ve all been guilty of it and we all know what it is like to wait around for a text reply… you just… want… to…