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The Most Expensive Items on eBay by Fandom (as of 14.11.16)

by trekkiemarkon 14/11/2016
The Christmas season is now upon us. By now you’ve seen the new John Lewis Ad, that Coca Cola Truck has pulled into your town and the posters for the local panto have started going up. And what a better time for you to get your loved one a unique and amazing present. Choosing a […]

5 Things we learned from Belfast Film and Comic Con May 2016

by trekkiemarkon 03/06/2016
Convention season is upon us and Showmasters and their crew delivered a fine event at the Titanic Exhibition Centre on the weekend of the 14th and 15th of May with plenty of stalls, exhibits, cosplayers and cult celebs to keep the discerning nerd happy. Here’s five things we learned from the first of this years Belfast […]

I hate Funko POP!Vinyl toys. Here’s why

by trekkiemarkon 18/02/2016
You’ve seen them, maybe you have a few of them yourself, but lets face it – you can’t escape from The Funko POP!Vinyl phenomenon. Cute super deformed Japanese “chibi” style take on your favourite superhero / movie / tv / comic book characters and I have to admit first time I saw them I thought […]

Dice Masters 2 – The Dicening…

by MrCraiggyon 14/01/2016
You may recall a while ago I talked about a game called Dice Masters. I talked about the concept of a “dice building” game and how the Yugioh and D&D starter sets held up compared to the comic book counterparts. I’m now presented with the new Amazing Spider-Man two player starter pack (RRP £16.99) and […]

Dice Masters: Or, “New Ways for Craig to Spend Money He Shouldn’t!”

by MrCraiggyon 10/08/2015
Dice Masters. A collectable “dice building” game by WizKids first released back in April 2014. With over a year and several expansions and variants under its belt, Dice Masters has maintained a solid player-base and has expanded across several creative licenses. Originally the game started with Marvel Comics leading the way with the Avengers VS X-Men […]


by Matt Gearyon 20/04/2015
The guys at Eaglemoss have always been very supportive of us at Geek Pride; sending us freebees that we inturn pass out to you, the good geek public. Well they have gone one step further for us now and offered all Geek Pride followers 15% discount in their store…WHAMMY! all you need to do is add WELCOME15MG […]

Batman Automobillia gets release in USA and Netherlands

by Matt Gearyon 25/02/2014
if you are a Batman collector and you like cars, then I recommend this for you. – BECCA  Some of you may remember a review our very own Becca Harper did of last years Batman Automobillia (no, then check out THIS LINK), well good news for those of you in the States and the Netherlands because […]