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Legend of Conan may Start Filming Next Year

by Stephen Breweron 09/08/2014
Nearly two years has past since the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be back as King Conan, in what would be the third instalment of the Conan franchise (if you bypass the Jason Mamoa debacle). Well, there has finally been some news, Fredrik Malmberg, a producer of The Legend of Conan told ‘TheArnoldFans‘ that the script […]

Thrud The Barbarian

by Andy Haighon 04/03/2014
Thrud The Barbarian first appeared in a project by then student Carl Critchlow for his then tutor Bryan Talbot (himself now known as an acclaimed comic writer/artist). After early appearances in fanzine ‘Arkensword’, Thrud made his official debut in Games Workshop’s ‘White Dwarf’ magazine, in 1983. He appeared in almost 60 strips in the magazine […]

Conan Volume 14: The Death

by Andy Haighon 04/10/2013
The Death finds Conan returning to his homeland of Cimmeria with his lover Belit; his past comes back to haunt him in the bitter and rugged landscape of his former home, and Conan finds himself faced with a tough decision.   Brian Wood is the latest of several writers to tackle Conan, and this time […]

Conan The Barbarian (2011) – DVD – 5 GPPs

by Matt Gearyon 13/06/2012
You have to understand that when it comes to me and films, I don’t look too deeply into them. I don’t analyse every camera angle, character and plot line or get annoyed because “in real life that explosion would have killed them all, and that sort of apple wouldn’t have grown in such a climate”; I just don’t see the point. For me (and this is in general), if I like something I like it, as simple as that. (it doesn’t take much to get me liking something) Unfortunately Conan still failed at this relatively easy task.