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Halo 5: Guardians Review

by Matt Gearyon 14/12/2015
For anyone who cant Watch the video, then the written review is below; cause im good like that: SPOILER ALERT….SPOILER ALERT Keep reading at your own peril…   Still here?   Ok lets go SHOTS FIRED, MAN DOWN  Ok first off I’m just going to come out and say it.. Halo 5 is not the game […]


by Matt Gearyon 28/01/2014
  UPDATE! NEW ITEMS ADDED, TIME EXTENDED! Well its been a whole month since our last give away and well, I felt guilty, so I went through my personal stash and have come up with one of the biggest giveaways todate! Pretty much, in GPHQ, there is a treasure trove of stuff that I have […]

Halo 4 – (Xbox only) 9GPPs

by Matt Gearyon 08/11/2012
Straight to the point – The chief is back! Greatly anticipated and he didn’t let me down. Campaign could have been a bit more varied, feeling like I was just playing through old missions from previous releases at times, but the story kept me hooked and the Multiplayer will keep me happy  for a long […]

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Official Full-length Trailer (Official live action Machinima Prime series)

by Matt Gearyon 14/07/2012
And I thought I was already creaming my master-chief underwear when I saw the new Halo 4 Game play / Live action trailer from E3 but I think this new live action series, being brought to us by Machinima, has made me want to change my underwear once again! all I can say is have a watch […]