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Cosplay Catch Up – An introduction to madness

by Leonieon 05/01/2014
I decided with the arrival of New Year to start writing a bi-weekly cosplay catch up article for Geek Pride, basically this blog will track my cosplay adventures over the course of this year (I feel big things coming!). I am a fairly new cosplayer, I put together a vaguely rubbish Hobbit costume for Manchester […]

Chainsword Prop build part 2: Painting and detailing

by Leonieon 27/08/2013
Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay. I hit a few glitches over the past couple of week of both physical and mental kind. I am fairly new to this whole cosplay malarkey so I am learning as I go along. I am learning that you should get plenty of all the materials […]

Chainsword prop build for Sisters of Battle Cosplay: Part 1

by Leonieon 07/08/2013
 Sister of Battle Cosplay So today I decided it was about time I started work on my Sister of Battle cosplay. This is a long term project I took upon myself  after seeing a lot of art work of the Sister’s of Battle from the Warhammer universe and as I have never worked with armor […]

Top 10 Geeky Make Up Creations

by ScarlettNighton 26/07/2013
So during one of my regular procrastination sessions I happened upon some geeky make up creations and I thought I’d share my top 10 with you. Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to find many people using make up in this kind of way (you’ll soon see what I mean) so many of the pictures come from […]