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Activate! BBC’s returning Robot Wars series gets new presenters

by Andy Haighon 03/02/2016
Following the recent announcement by the BBC that popular series Robot Wars ,which sounds a bit like an animated series set in the dystopian future but isn’t, is coming back the next thing people wanted to know was, who was going to present it? Well people now have their answer, despite former host Craig Charles […]

Robot Wars Reboot – The bots are back in town

by Daniel Delargyon 13/01/2016
War…war never changes. The combatants are just given a bigger battery, more effective weaponry, and a new paint job. Today, it has been reported that Mentorn Scotland, part of the Tinopolis Group, has been commissioned by BBC Two to produce a new series of the classic man and machine battle series Robot Wars. The iconic series will […]

Dale*Con Day 2: Dale*Con Harder

by Ben Feeon 23/02/2013
By Ben Fee Rochdale’s Wheatsheaf Centre was today the backdrop for day two of Dale*Con, Rochdale’s only Sci-Fi Convention. I arrived bright and early with the family to find stalls and props set up and already doing a brisk trade. Comic books were being sold, photos were being taken of happy geeks in front of […]

Dale-Con: Rochdale’s Only Sci-Fi Convention

by Ben Feeon 19/02/2013
If your calendar’s anything like mine, you’ll know how much the geek convention scene has exploded over the last few years. With Comic-Cons, Anime-Cons, Sci-Fi Cons and even Lego-Cons every other weekend  it can all start to look a little same-old, same-old. If you fancy something new, different and definitely original, make your way down […]