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Total War: Warhammer – Review

by Matt Gearyon 14/06/2016
INTRO First off, I was going to make a Video review for this game but, having loaded Total War: Warhammer onto my computer I quickly realised that what use to play games on ultra, can now only deal with medium graphics; at a push. And so, with my shame and with no pretty graphics to […]

EGX in Pictures

by Matt Gearyon 28/09/2015
As EGX 2015 has just passed we thought we would share a few photos of the event with you before our write up later; check them out below and check out more HERE and HERE   

Alien Isolation Hands-on: At last the bitch might finally be back

by Sai Mealingon 31/03/2014
If last year’s diabolical Aliens: Colonial Marines had a key weakness then it wasn’t the misleading press demonstrations, superfluous human enemies or even the fact that it was essentially just a re-skinned Borderlands mod with some flashy sound effects. Colonial Marines biggest crime was that it failed to respect the original franchise. This flaw wasn’t […]

Total War: Rome II

by Matt Gearyon 25/09/2013
This is a special audio, visual and written review. that you can watch, listen to or read… fill your boots and enjoy!   Being a Geek, I have numerous hobbies and activities (so many activities! ) that I enjoy partaking in. Two of which activities (SO MANY ACTIVIETIES!)  I enjoy more than the others, to […]

Total War Devs Announce Games Workshop Partnership

by Matt_Walklateon 06/12/2012
Great news for Warhammer fans today, as Sega has announced a “Multi-game deal” between British developers The Creative Assembly, and Games Workshop. Eurogamer published the story earlier on today after an interview with Sega UK. The publisher said they will be looking at developing for the “Warhammer universe of fantasy battles”. They have also confirmed that THQ […]