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Remakes, reboots and a list of 65 of them to rant about

by James Woodheadon 03/07/2014
Before you skip right to the list, stick with me for a minute. It’ll make your outrage even sweeter. They’re going to remake the Six Million Man. I’m not entirely sure how you can remake a movie of something that was never a movie, but they’re going to anyway. Had the pre-production marketing plugged it […]

Top 10 Geeky Make Up Creations

by ScarlettNighton 26/07/2013
So during one of my regular procrastination sessions I happened upon some geeky make up creations and I thought I’d share my top 10 with you. Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to find many people using make up in this kind of way (you’ll soon see what I mean) so many of the pictures come from […]