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Good bye to a legend, RIP Barry Norman

by joshkingofgeekson 01/07/2017
It is with a heavy heart  that we must inform you that the great Barry Norman has passed away at the age 83; reports have come in he died peacefully in his sleep. Norman hosted BBC One’s “Film…” show between 1972 and 1998 as its longest running host – as well as writing for the […]

Daily Mail Get Sherlock Actors’ Names Wrong

by SeanPWallaceon 02/01/2014
In some instances, when you mock an editing mistake, you can feel pretty mean: it is, after all, quite hard to rule every mistake out of an article. Cthulhu knows we aren’t perfect here at Geek Pride. But, sometimes, a mistake is just… ridiculous. Step forward everyone’s most reviled, vomitous ‘newspaper’ the Daily Mail, for […]