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Iron Fist Season 1

by Callum Tyndallon 29/03/2017
Iron Fist has not suffered critically because it’s only for fans (though, as with Marvel’s other Netflix outings, fandom certainly has its rewards). Nor has it been lambasted because of the ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency. I’m sorry Finn Jones, I appreciate that having your show taken to task sucks but sometimes you […]

Infinity Crate: July 2016 Box

by Daniel Delargyon 28/07/2016
I have a confession – I have never subscribed to a Crate or Box before in my life. The idea of a monthly crate of geeky goodies appealed to me, but I never got around to setting it up! So, this year, I decided I wanted to try something new. Something different. And, as it happened, the opportunity […]

Luke Cage

SDCC 2016: Teaser Trailer for Marvel’s Luke Cage

by Becca Harperon 22/07/2016
First up from SDCC is a bullet riddled teaser for Marvel’s Luke Cage coming to Netflix this fall season. Luke Cage stars Mike Colter as the title character who first made his first appearance in Jessica Jones as a ‘love’ interest and supporting character. This time one of Marvels’ toughest characters is the centre of attention […]

The Punisher is Getting a Netflix Series!

by SeanPWallaceon 29/04/2016
Netflix have finally seen sense/realised their grand masterplan as it looks as though Jon Bernthal’s Punisher is getting his own series. According to Entertainment Weekly, the series has been greenlit and will be announced shortly, with Steve Lightfoot due to be the showrunner. Now, anyone who has seen Season 2 of Daredevil will know that […]

Daredevil Season One: Revisited

by Lianneon 16/03/2016
A quick disclaimer before I get into things – my only exposure to Daredevil before I watched the Netflix series the first time around was the Frank Miller comics which I loved, and the Ben Affleck movie which I mostly disliked. My decision to watch Daredevil on Netflix was borne purely out of curiosity (could […]

In Devil We Trust: Final Daredevil Trailer

by Ben Feeon 15/03/2016
With only three days until series two of Marvel’s Daredevil smashes into our lives like a red-suited vigilante through a Hell’s Kitchen window, Netflix have dropped one final trailer on us, just in case we weren’t already excited enough. With more Electra, Punisher and ninjas (NINJAS!), all we can say is “Roll on Friday!”. What […]

Daredevil Season 2 – Trailer

by Cristina Bogdanon 19/02/2016
It’s been a while since we got treated to a nice reminder that Daredevil is coming soon (18 March, 2016, if you were wondering). But there we have it. Netflix released only a few days ago the official trailer for Daredevil, season 2, peppered with enough information to make us want more, but not enough […]

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Netflix Winner

by joshkingofgeekson 24/11/2015
  It’s been a fun 24 hours, it’s also been a long 24 hours. At midnight on the 20th of November a brand new Netflix Marvel series dropped, in all its glory, and I wasted no time in logging into my account and pressing play on the new gritty, edgy, dark and dirty Jessica Jones. […]

Supergirl: Super Average

by Tom Sorsbyon 31/10/2015
I recently started a new job which has kept me pretty busy – last week, doubly so. This means time spent on the tabletop or before a TV screen has been at a premium, reserved only for The Walking Dead and Zombicide (which you can expect a review of soon. Spoiler: it’s brilliant). However, at the end […]

First Trailer for Marvel’s Jessica Jones is a Dark Affair

by Andy Haighon 23/10/2015
After Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil garnered pretty much universal acclaim from critics and fans alike the bar was set pretty high for Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter alongside Mike Colter as Luke Cage and David Tennant as antagonist Killgrave. Now after various teaser trailers the first full trailer has appeared and just like Daredevil Jessica […]