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DC Target End of Watch Director for Suicide Squad

by jesshealy24on 20/09/2014
  DC‘s villain-esque operations team Suicide Squad has been receiving a lot of coverage in different media recently, having appeared in the last season of the CW series Arrow (which included the lineup of DC favourites Deadshot, Shrapnel, Tiger Bronze and Lyla Michaels) and Warner Bros announcing a film in development along with several other unknown projects […]

A retailers perspective on DC Comics

by Andy Haighon 14/09/2013
 DC Comics has come under fire for numerous things in recent times. The latest being the furore over the departure of the creative team on Batwoman and an ill thoughout competition involving Harley Quinn. Whilst these well publicised events may incense fans it’s rare for retailers (the owners of the multitude of comic shops catering […]