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Review: Harley Quinn #1

by LadyNoctison 08/02/2014
  This is the long awaited follow-up from my review: Harley Quinn #0, however I’d like to firstly apologise as this review is LONG overdue! So we all know I was quite hopeful after getting the OK from Bruce Timm with his little segment in Harley Quinn #0, which left me feeling a little less apprehensive about […]

Detective Comics #23.2 – Harley Quinn #1 review

by LadyNoctison 14/09/2013
Where shall I begin, I think I should start off with some form of a disclaimer. I am not a fan of the New 52 variant of Harley Quinn. Those of you who know me are well aware that I have a penchant for the original Quinn; that loveable psychotic jester. This characterisation that has […]