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The Spawn of Lilith, by Dana Fredsti

by Peter Ray Allisonon 03/07/2017
Officially launched last week, The Spawn of Lilith is Dana Fredsti’s latest urban-fantasy/horror novel, a new series following her Ashley Parker novels (which was described as “Buffy with zombies, but different.”) The Spawn of Lilith is a new setting for Fredsti, and thus a great jumping-on point for readers.  The novel is set in Hollywood, […]

Seraph PC Game Review

by jollinson 01/05/2016
Seraph is a classic style arcade shooter where you are tasked with the job of cleaning up an invading horde of demons as they tear their way through the prison structure you have been held captive in. The idea behind the game is simple with the game auto-locking onto enemies as they come into range […]

Doom 4 – Brutal Trailer & Old Comic

by MrJoncoreon 15/06/2015
Bethesda have pretty much stole the show this year at E3 (like we expected any less). Fallout 4 has blown our mind, hearts and numerous pants but DOOM is looking like a whole new type of fucked up badassery. The “Marine” is now a power armored beast and our old friend the chainsaw is making […]

Dark Eye: Demonicon

by Callum Tyndallon 27/10/2013
Just to get it out of the way right off the bat: Demonicon is not a AAA game. It clearly doesn’t have the big money finance behind it of a game like Call Of Duty, and this does entail certain negatives. Summarily, the technical quality of the game is lower than you may have come to expect […]