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Dice Masters: Or, “New Ways for Craig to Spend Money He Shouldn’t!”

by MrCraiggyon 10/08/2015
Dice Masters. A collectable “dice building” game by WizKids first released back in April 2014. With over a year and several expansions and variants under its belt, Dice Masters has maintained a solid player-base and has expanded across several creative licenses. Originally the game started with Marvel Comics leading the way with the Avengers VS X-Men […]

Ninja Dice

by Bevan Clatworthyon 19/02/2015
If you see a ninja, you’re already dead…. unless it’s on a dice, in which case you may have to try again. Ninja Dice is the push-your-luck designed by Rocco Privetera and published by GreenBrier Games. It’s a cool premise; ninjas and dice, what else do you need? Let’s dive in and take a look. […]