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Geek Pride Animeniacs – Alderamin on the Sky

by MrCraiggyon 04/10/2016
Aloha! Craig here. It’s my turn on the good ship Animeniacs, following Daniel and Lianne‘s offerings to this new series of articles. Now, I was torn as to which anime series I wanted to talk about in this review, because there have been a few that I’ve been watching recently which have really grabbed my […]

You talkin’ to me? Taxi Driver at 40 and 5 facts you didn’t know

by trekkiemarkon 09/02/2016
This year marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most influential films ever made; Taxi Driver. When it was premièred in America on 8th February 1976 it was considered, by some critics, to be quite violent whilst others praised its brooding score and dark cinematic tones. Reminds you that Robert De Niro actually made […]

Community – 9GPPs

by ScarlettNighton 27/02/2013
When October 19th 2012 came and passed, fans of Community gave a deep sigh. Their favourite quirky television comedy had been set back which meant there would be no Christmas special, no Troy and Abed on the TV and no crazy Greendale happenings. Fortunately, 7th February 2013 brought season 4 of Community and the fans […]

Coriolanus – Film – 8GPPs

by Matt Gearyon 01/02/2012
Geek Pride - Coriolanus - Film Review